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9 March 2023

3. On the “From” section, select the highlighted area to get the chain list.

4. For this tutorial, since we have assets on Polygon, let’s pick Polygon.

5. Enter the amount you want to transfer. In case you don’t have USDC on the source chain, you can choose whatever asset you want — the widget will swap it to USDC for you! Once you’re done entering the amount to transfer, select “Review Quote”, and then “Confirm Bridge” to initiate the process.

6. Once you have reviewed the route details, click on “Bridge” to initiate the bridging transaction from your wallet.

7. Yay! The assets are now bridging to Avalanche from Polygon. This process may take a few minutes, so be patient 😊

8. Although the assets have been bridged to Avalanche, we got USDC.E. For the second part of the transaction, we need to switch to Avalanche and approve the swap of USDC.E to native USDC. Switch your chain to Avalanche and swap the assets.

9. Amazing! We have successfully bridged and swapped the assets to Avalanche. Now let’s make the payment. Enter the Telegram Username, and select “Subscribe” to authorise the transaction. Once the transaction has been submitted, wait for a few seconds for it to complete.

10. Congratulations! You would have successfully subscribed to Telegram Premium with Suberra’s crypto checkout!

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